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MV Cable Terminations and Testing

MV (medium voltage) cable termination and testing is one of the top services that Power Products & Solutions offers; our team of skilled technicians has performed thousands, with peak expertise in this area.


Many customers tell us that one of their top concerns is the longevity of the medium voltage cables feeding into their facilities.  This concern has prompted many plant and facility maintenance managers to include visual and mechanical inspections, and non-destructive testing of their MV cables on a more consistent basis.  Our Tan Delta cable test set is designed to meet their IEEE medium voltage cable testing specifications and requirements.


We have performed Tan Delta testing for our customers with vintage MV cables and the results have been quite impressive.  The benefits are:


• Finding problems in cable terminations and splices

• Easy way to gather and record test data

• Data can be used to determine if cables have deteriorated since      previous testing

• Determine the life expectancy of conductors

• Locate any problems before they wreak havoc on an electrical system





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Contact us today to discuss our Tan Delta testing or any of our other MV cable testing services!

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