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Circuit Breaker Repair and Retrofit

Power Products & Solutions offers three main services with respect to the maintenance of medium and low voltage air circuit breakers.  They are:

Every medium and low voltage air breaker will, at some point, need to be repaired, retrofitted, or remanufactured.  Most of the time, if a breaker needs any of these services, they are identified during a routine preventative maintenance shutdown and can be repaired before the problem causes any damage to the electrical service or gear.  


*We also provide temporary replacement/spare breakers while yours is being serviced, in case you do not have another, thus limiting any downtime to your operations. In those unforeseen cases when a circuit breaker fails while in service, we can provide you with a replacement or spare breaker in a timely manner to get your electrical system back on line.  When the failed circuit breaker arrives at our shop, we perform diagnosis testing of the breaker to determine the cause of the failure and provide you with the recommended course of action.


Circuit Breaker FAQ

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A: There are three main possibilities for the cause of the nuisance tripping of the air breaker.  The first thing to look for is to see if your breaker has a ground fault trip unit installed.  If a ground fault trip unit is installed on the breaker, the ground fault indicator will inform you if the breaker tripped on ground fault.  If ground fault is the cause if the tripping, call your local electrical testing agency to find the cause of the ground fault.  The second possibility is that an additional load was recently introduced to the breaker, causing the tripping. After the additional load was added to the breaker, someone either neglected to change the trip setting or did not increase the setting enough to accommodate the additional load. This is a mistake that is often made during the installation of new equipment or electrical panels and usually goes unnoticed until the change of seasons.  At that time, seasonal equipment loads are reintroduced to the breaker, and the breaker may experience nuisance tripping. Lastly, if the breaker has a solid state trip unit installed, you will need to have an electrical testing agency perform diagnosis testing on the trip unit to determine if the trip unit is the cause of the tripping.

Q: What is the difference between a retrofitted breaker and remanufactured breaker?

A: When a breaker is “retrofitted,” it has had the trip unit replaced or upgraded to a newer style trip unit.  And in most cases, the CT and control wiring was also changed.  A manufactured breaker is a completely overhauled breaker.  When the breaker is retrofitted, it is completely broken down, all metal parts are checked for wear and then cleaned using a vibrating clean machine, all warn out or broken parts are replaced, the breaker frame is cleaned and repainted, a new trip unit is installed, and then it is reassembled and tested.

Q: I am having a problem with nuisance tripping with one of my air breakers.  What could be causing the tripping?

LV & MV Breaker Service Details

• Breaker repair

• Solid state retrofit

• Breaker remanufacturing